Hello! I’m interested in patterns that emerge from geophysical fluids. I am a Postdoctoral Scholar in Geological Sciences at Stanford University researching the surface of Mars, advised by Mathieu Lapôtre. I defended my PhD this year, advised by Doug Jerolmack, where I studied dunes in the field and with remote sensing, and turbidity currents in the lab. In my undergraduate I studied applied mathematics, and did an Honours year advised by Maxim Nikurashin studying the ocean’s meridional overturning circulation with theory and simulations.


At the moment I am studying:

  • How can we measure the layer of grains being blown by wind in situ?
  • When did dunes accumulate in Mars’ craters?

I have recent papers on the topics of:

  • Why the giant dunes on Earth are the size they are
  • How fast winds have to be to move sand grains on other planets
  • How the extreme heat cycle influences the winds over dune fields (coverage in the Smithsonian Magazine here)
  • How the roughness of dunes influences the winds over dune fields